Michael Ryder Streaks

A ways back I put up a post that uses R to plot the scoring trends of an NHL player. Given the recent chatter on sports talk radio around Boston, I used my script to plot the data for Michael Ryder.  His scoring history plot is shown below.

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  1. Vincent
    April 23, 2011 at 9:43 am

    That’s cool! I simplified the script somewhat, added an is.null() check because the script didn’t work when a season’s data were missing. I also plot the number of assists. Check this out (for Brad Richards): http://i51.tinypic.com/nv5umv.jpg

    ## libraries

    # Set the constants
    BASE <- "http://www.hockey-reference.com/players/r/richabr01/gamelog/&quot;
    SEASON <- c(2001:2011)

    # Loop and grab the data
    ds <- data.frame()
    for (S in SEASON) {
    URL <- paste(BASE, S, "/", sep="")
    tables <- readHTMLTable(URL)$stats
    tables$season <- S
    ds <- rbind(ds, tables)
    ds$Date <- as.Date(ds$Date)
    ds <- na.omit(ds[order(ds$Date),c(4,2,9,10,21)])
    names(ds) <- c('Date', 'Game', 'Goals', 'Assists', 'Season')
    for(i in 2:ncol(ds)){ds[,i] <- as.numeric(as.character(ds[,i]))}

    # Get cumulative values by season for goals and assists
    ds <- split(ds, ds$Season)
    ds <- lapply(ds, transform, Goals = cumsum(Goals))
    ds <- lapply(ds, transform, Assists = cumsum(Assists))
    ds <- do.call('rbind', ds)

    # Stack data frames to make it easier on ggplot2
    ds.a <- ds
    ds.a$Goals <- ds.a$Assists
    ds.a$Type <- 'Assists'
    ds$Type <- 'Goals'
    ds <- rbind(ds, ds.a)

    # Plot it
    ggplot(ds, aes(Game, Goals, color=Type)) + geom_line(size=1) +
    facet_wrap(~Season, ncol=2) +
    xlab('Games') + ylab('') + scale_colour_manual(values = c('blue', 'orange')) +
    opts(title='Brad Richards career performance \n Cumulative goals and assists by season')

    • btibert3
      June 19, 2011 at 7:05 pm

      I just saw this. Well done!

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