I like data

My rant on all things data. The majority of my posts will focus on hockey, higher ed, and the tools that allow me to do what the cool kids are calling Data Science.

NHL Play-by-Play R Shiny App

I wanted to write a quick post to introduce two repos that I created on Github that center on the NHL’s play-by-play data. 1.  My code repo that highlights how I crawl and store the raw JSON datasets can be found here 2.  I also created a very simple R Shiny App.  That repo is here. In both cases, the…

Mimic Bigger is not Better Post by Scannel & Kurz

The following Github repo has the R code I put together that allows us to follow along and modify the great idea from Scannel & Kurz on app growth and it’s impact on yield. https://github.com/Btibert3/sk-delta-apps-yield/blob/master/README.md Take a look at the repo and feel free to clone it if you want to learn R or add to this idea. Happy Coding!